Failing Motherhood

Smashing the Internal Patriarchy with Dr. Manuela Powell

May 24, 2022 Danielle Bettmann | Wholeheartedly Episode 67
Failing Motherhood
Smashing the Internal Patriarchy with Dr. Manuela Powell
Show Notes

Dr. Manuela Powell is a breast cancer surgeon turned mindset coach, working to liberate her clients to have the audacity to live a full life.   She fiercely believes the day all women realize how powerful they are will be the day the world completely changes for the better.

After having her first child at 42, Dr. Manuela felt herself transition from an audacious, full-spirited powerhouse to June Cleaver, giving everything to everyone else.   She shares her journey to discovering life coaching, and how it's given her the power to be herself again.

In this episode, she shares...

  • How gratitude can become an excuse
  • How every woman struggles with internalized patriarchy 
  • The top 3 themes that come up with all her clients

Her practical advice for listeners is to...

  • Become conscious of things so you can change things
  • Notice the way you talk to yourself in your head
  • Feel your feelings

With Oklahoma just passing the most restrictive legislation to date, banning abortions at the point of fertilization... toward the end of the episode, Dr. Manuela and I address these motherhood-related US current events.

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