Failing Motherhood

How to do the Work with Sarah Saldi

October 20, 2020 Danielle Bettmann | Wholeheartedly Episode 28
Failing Motherhood
How to do the Work with Sarah Saldi
Show Notes

AM I DOING THIS RIGHT?  I have SO much to learn.

Sarah Saldi is knee deep in doing all.the.things. to figure out how to parent her littles differently than she was raised & be on the same page with her husband.

"I really want to work to make sure they feel supported and that it's okay to mess up and not get things right and that we're really genuine in our home. And that's not always pretty and it's not always perfect, but it's real. And that genuine connection that comes from being real is central to what I want to instill in them." - Sarah

We chat about the steps she's taken to gain new tools, feel supported, and establish the foundation for her family's future.



I believe in you & I'm cheering you on.
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