Failing Motherhood

What I Wish I'd Known Sooner with Allison Livingston

September 14, 2021 Danielle Bettmann | Wholeheartedly Episode 48
Failing Motherhood
What I Wish I'd Known Sooner with Allison Livingston
Show Notes

Allison Livingston is the founder of 5 Steps to Connect with Your Strong-Willed Child.  She started learning Mindful Parenting tools in 2005 to navigate power struggles and challenging behaviors with her oldest strong-willed child. 

Her extensive education + experience in Nonviolent Communication and work as a Certified Mediator gives her a unique mindset in relation to BIG emotions and power struggles.
In this episode, she shares her journey (in hindsight) of discovering she was raising a strong-willed child, the counterintuitive trick to connection, and 3 things she wished she'd known sooner.

  • Kids that have different natures require different approaches.
  • There are ways to parent that are more conducive to feeling like partners, yet are not permissive.
  • They actually NEED firm boundaries + clear communication to build trust.

Her advice (among many gems shared) includes befriending your emotions, counting your shoulds, and taking action now.

This episode pairs well with Ep. 38: Survive your Strong-Willed Child

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