Failing Motherhood

LIVE Coaching Session with Ty Nared

September 28, 2021 Danielle Bettmann | Wholeheartedly Episode 49
Failing Motherhood
LIVE Coaching Session with Ty Nared
Show Notes

Ty Nared is a mom of a 2-year-old, working from home, managing a wooden toy company, and doing ALL. THE. THINGS.  She was willing to jump on and chat parenting together as a coaching session on this platform!

She wants to cultivate cooperation but doesn't know what to say when her daughter doesn't listen!  She doesn't want to rely on her husband.  She gets pressure to question her parenting from extended family.

Together we discuss how to help her manage frustration, problem-solve more success when needing to Zoom with her daughter at home,  and figure out how to help her daughter stay in the cart at the store!

As we process things in real-time, I hope you're able to shift the perspective to apply some nuggets at your house as well!


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